FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have a question please get in touch and we can answer any queries you may have! 

Q -What work do I have to do? 

A - Absolutely nothing, as part of our contract we take full control of the property by managing it. This covers things like finding tenants, completing bookings, organising regular cleaners to maintain the property and any maintenance which needs to be completed. Don't worry though, we have an open channel with our landlords with regular updates on anything that needs work.

Q - Are there any hidden fees and costs? 

A - There are no hidden costs, before any contracts are signed we have a chat and confirm what will be agreed in the contract. Nothing is hidden, any extra costs will be highlighted with plenty of notice. 

Q - How long would the contract be for? 

A - We aim to have our contracts last for a minimum of 2 years, we suggest a longer contract of 3-5 years but we're flexible and work with our landlords to come to a solution that fits for them. 

Q - Do I have to worry about the void periods of the property?  

A - As our guarantee of managing the property we assure that landlords will get their rent each month whether there are void areas or not. 

Q - Do I have to deal with the tenants in the property? 

A - We manage all the guests and bookings in the property. Our guarantee to landlords is they can earn a passive income while they relax and spend their time elsewhere stress-free.

Q - What sort of tenants will be in the property?

A - All of the guests we take on from our bookings are working professionals. 


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